Project TitleCarbon nanotubes studded carbon fibers tow and matrix prepreg for improved heat transfer - 1873
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Tagscorrosion resistant materials; aerospace materials; reinforced plastics; carbon fiber; composite materials; aerospace materials; matrix prepreg;
Posted DateOct 9, 2017 4:46 PM


Matthew Weisenberger
John Craddock
Richard Foedinger


Don Keach

Key Advantages

Present technique of growing carbon nanotubes on the individual carbon fiber surface offers improved heat conduction across carbon interfaces, thus offering a solution to the thermal transport challenges.

Market Opportunities

Because of the lightweight and corrosion resistant nature of carbon fiber composites, they have applications in aerospace industry.

Technology Solution

In the present technique, short dense carbon nanotubes are grown on a significant fraction of the individual carbon fiber surfaces, through which heat can be transferred across their interfaces. Carbon fibers are coated with silicon based material to support the growth of carbon nanotubes. This is then followed by infiltrating the tow of carbon fibers with matrix material resulting into the formation of carbon nanotube studded fiber tow and matrix prepreg. Because carbon nanotubes have extremely high thermal conductivity along their axes, this composite structure of compressed nanotubes oriented normal to the fiber surface offers high heat conductivity via inner-filament interfaces.

Commercialization Status

Alpha prototype

Available Fields of Use

All fields, suggested fields include carbon fiber composites production


Matthew C. Weisenberger, John Davis Craddock, Richard Foedinger

Patent Number(s)

US20140356613, US9533883 B2

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