Project TitleA method for harvesting intact, as-produced carbon nanotube arrays and transferring them to other surfaces - 1653
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TagsCarbon nanotube harvesting; array; substrate; peeler; multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT)
Posted DateOct 9, 2017 4:57 PM


John Craddock
Matthew Weisenberger


Don Keach

Key Advantages

·        Present invention allows carbon nanotubes harvesting in non-scrolled, flat, and intact manner

·        Recovery of carbon array is large; order of between about 100 and 500 inches squared

These key advantages offer,

o   Maintaining the through thickness axial alignment of carbon nanotubes within the array in free-standing sheet form

o   These substrate free sheet offer preferential transport properties such as thermal conductivity along the axis or through the sheet

o   These sheets offer compliance

Market Opportunities

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) in aligned manner have applications for composite materials used in energy storage and transfer, catalyst, and separation media.

Technology Solution

Researchers have developed an apparatus to harvest a carbon nanotube array from a substrate in continuous manner. This apparatus consists of a peeler that peels the carbon nanotube array away from the substance, a support that receives the carbon nanotube array, and a drawing device that simultaneously draws carbon array from the substrate onto a support. The peeler comprises a cutting sled holding a cutter in an angle between about 10 to 30 degrees. The support comprises a guiding track rolling along the parallel trails. The drawing device consists of take up reel and a draw line to ensure synchronous operation of harvesting and transferring the carbon nanotubes. Moreover, a continuous conveyor is provided for continuous harvesting, to maintain the synchronicity between the feeder, the peeler, and the support in the form of winding drum. This synchronous operation allows production of large sections of carbon nanotubes array in intact manner, which was not achieved in traditional methods.

Commercialization Status

Beta prototype

Available Fields of Use

Carbon nanotubes harvesting


Matthew C. Weisenberger, John D. Craddock

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