Project TitleAligned carbon nanotube composite materials with high electrical and thermal conductivities - 1518
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TagsElectronic device; thermal management; electronic device; charging; carbon nanotube; heat transfer
Posted DateOct 9, 2017 5:07 PM


Matthew Weisenberger


Don Keach

Key Advantages

ยท        Thermal interface material is substrate free: This results in the access to the both, top and bottom ends of the carbon nanotubes, which in turn offers high conductivity through the array

Market Opportunities

Composites of aligned carbon nanotubes and polymer matrix have applications in thermal management,

  • Power gas exhaust systems and metal casting cooling: efficient conductive recovery of the waste heat stream by using this material as a thermal energy scavenging layer
  • Thermoelectric power generation devices

Technology Solution

Researchers have developed a method of preparing improved thermal interface material. This consists of a sheet including an array of aligned carbon nanotubes held in a polymer matrix present in the interstitial space between the aligned nanotubes. Because access to the top and the bottom tips of the nanotubes is the key to achieve high thermal conductivity, over-infiltration of polymer was avoided such that tips of the nanotubes remained uncovered in polymer. 

Commercialization Status

Alpha prototype

Available Fields of Use

All fields, suggested field of use includes thermal management materials for electronic devices


Matthew C. Weisenberger

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