Project TitleManufacture of Functional Aligned MWCNT Array - Prepreg Material For Increased Through-Thickness Thermal Conductivity Composites - 1689
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TagsElectronic device; thermal management; electronic device; charging; carbon nanotube; heat transfer; carbon nanotube tape
Posted DateOct 9, 2017 4:32 PM


John Craddock
Matthew Weisenberger


Don Keach

Key Advantages

Present method offers the advantages of,

·        Improved composite materials from carbon nanotubes and polymer matrix in a continuous tape

·        Increasing unidirectional heat conduction from a work piece

Market Opportunities

Composites of carbon nanotubes and polymer matrix have application in thermal management materials

Technology Solution

The present invention provides a method to prepare strips of aligned carbon nanotube arrays followed by splicing these arrays together end to end on a flexible support to form a tape. An array of carbon nanotubes is grown on a substrate followed by fixing it in an alignment, which includes infiltration with a polymer and partial curing of the polymer. This polymer infiltrated aligned carbon nanotube arrays are sliced into strips and the strips are then removed from the substrate by shaving away the nanotubes or etching away the substrate. Tape is formed by covering one face of the array by a flexible support and the opposite face by a peel ply. Unidirectional heat conduction is achieved in the following step of wrapping a work piece with a continuous tape of aligned carbon nanotubes.

Commercialization Status

Alpha prototype

Available Fields of Use

All fields, suggested fields include electronic devices


Matthew C. Weisenberger

Patent Number(s)

US20150314562, US8632879

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